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Columbia Marionette Theater

A Closer Look

Pinocchio is the story of someone who gradually becomes more human. He begins as a wooden marionette, until a fairy casts a spell that makes him a living puppet. Through a series of adventures he becomes a donkey and, finally, a real person. This is a story about growing up and it contains many life lessons, or morals. In some ways it is like Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. What are some of the moral messages that these scenes from Pinocchio teach us?

About the Play

The original story The Adventures of Pinocchio was written by the Italian author Carlo Collodi. Published in 1883, the story was an immediate success. The first English language version came out in 1892 and was also very popular. In 1940 Walt Disney made a cartoon based on the Pinocchio story, which has become a classic favorite. The Columbia Marionette Theater has adapted Pinocchio for their puppet stage.

About the Artists

The Columbia Marionette Theater is a family enterprise. It was founded by Allie Scollon in 1988 with her son John ScollonKarri Roper Scollon, John's wife, makes hand puppets and the costumes for the marionettes. Lyon Forrest Hill and Robert Padley construct nearly all of the puppets and, along with John Scollon, create the voices and perform the shows.


  • Make a list of what you see and hear in the production.
  • How does the production use the elements of theater?
  • What is your opinion of the prodcution? How does it make you feel?