Theater Word Bank | Artopia

casting – selecting actors to play roles in a play

characterization – dramatically representing the character by speech, action, and gesture

action – physical or psychological movement of actors and unfolding of a play’s plot

rising action – events of a dramatic plot preceding the climax

denouement – final resolution of a dramatic plot

mood – emotional tone of a play

tragedy – serious drama in which the protagonist is overcome by some superior force or circumstance

comedy – humorous or satiric play

dialogue – conversation between two or more characters in a play

monologue – dramatic speech by a single actor

improvisation – spontaneous performance, given without prior preparation

props – any movable objects used on the set of a play

set – scenery for a scene or play

scene – self-contained episode within a larger work or a setting

director – person who is in charge of the artistic production of a play

designer – person who plans a part of the production (e.g. costumes, lighting, set, makeup, or sound)

spectacle – all visual elements of a production (e.g. scenery, props, lighting, costumes, makeup, stage movement, and dance)