Those Who Remain: Pee Dee - Episode 4


Cheerleading, playing football and coaching are a way of life for the Locklear family in the Pee Dee. Football is only half of their identity. Chief Locklear expresses regret that the language of the Pee Dee people has been lost. Through tribal dance, the Pee Dee families hope to revitalize their spirit. The older members of the tribe hope to teach the young ones their heritage, so these traditions do not become a lost art. Participating is not easy because the children simply want to fit in. Their Chief, David Locklear, stresses the importance of education, so that the jobs will come. The tribe has recently begun to receive income through a federal governance grant, and the Chief now receives a salary as the full-time director of the Pee Dee Indian Association, which has a staff and is constructing a center that will have a gathering place, offices, a food bank and a clothes closet.

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