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A Closer Look

A waterfall flows, but it also leaps and rolls and turns. It breaks apart and comes back together and it is made up of many drops of water. As the Power Company dancers perform Suspended Falls on a footbridge over the river, they celebrate the waterfall by incorporating its way of moving into their dance. In another part of the dance they throw water off the bridge and roll down a hill. Can you think of some other ways to "dance" a waterfall?

About the Dance

Martha Brim, director of The Power Company, was commissioned by the Emrys Foundation of Greenville, SC to create Suspended Falls – a site-specific dance in honor of a new pedestrian bridge over the Reedy River in Greenville. Brim says her composition "celebrates the release of the falls from its hidden position beneath the old bridge." Because it was made especially for the opening of the bridge the dance took place only once. This is often the case with site-specific work, which is created for a special place and time.

About the Artist

Created to perform works by some of contemporary dance's most cutting edge choreographers, The Power Company staged its premier performance on May 31, 2000 at Piccolo Spoleto's Dance at Noon series in Charleston, SC. The group believes power can be found in art, dancing, and the spirit of each individual. The group's slogan, "The Power Company -- moving people," embraces the idea of power for all 

Write About It

  • Make a list of what you see and hear in the dance.
  • How does the dancer use the elements of dance? View Word Bank
  • What is your opinion of the dance? How does it make you feel?