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A Closer Look

This dance is part of a film in the Let's Dance series called Nougzar in Georgia. Nougzar and Guiorgui are best friends who love Georgian folk dancing. Georgian male dancers are the only people in the world who dance on their toes in soft leather boots without using ballet-style toe shoes. Watch the video carefully to see Nougzar dance on his toes. Nougzar in Georgia can be ordered from New Dimension Media at

About the Painting

The Republic of Georgia, once part of the Soviet Union, is located on the Black Sea just above Turkey. Georgia is well known for its rich and unique folk dance and music, which are very old parts of Georgian culture. Dances are based on ancient ceremonies, gymnastics, sports and games. Sometimes, as in this Dance of the Warriors they take the form of a competition, with each dancer trying to do more and more amazing "tricks." Usually the men and women dance separately.

About the Artist

Nougzar is a young boy living in the country of Georgia, a former Soviet Republic. He performs in this folk dance, The Dance of the Warriors, with other boys to celebrate victory by the Georgian army. Like most of the men's dances, this one takes a lot of strength and agility. The boys perform long series of very fast turns and often jump on bent knees and dance on their toes.


  • Make a list of what you see and hear in the dance.
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  • What is your opinion of the dance? How does it make you feel?