Dance Word Bank | Artopia

space – where the body is moving

body – what the body is doing

time – how the body moves in relation to time

dynamics – how the body is moving

relationship – with whom or what the body is moving

motif – a distinctive and recurring gesture used to provide a theme

phrasing – the way the parts of a dance are organized

unity –when everything works together in a dance

tempo – the speed or pace of a dance

bound – a manner of using energy that communicates controlled intent

free flowing – a manner of using energy that communicates release and a carefree intent

vibratory – a sharp, quick action created by moving body parts quickly back and forth or side to side

sustained – a manner of using energy that communicates an intent to prolong the movement

percussive – movement having a beating or striking quality

pathways –patterns of movement through space—straight, zigzag, curvy, or wavy

rhythm – a pattern of long and short pauses and movements

movement qualities – the nature and quality of energy expended in a movement




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