SC Veterans in History, Part 4 - Civil War | Project Discovery - Episode 4


In this segment, a student asks why Francis Marion is called the Swamp Fox, and the answer is given that he was one of the first to use what we now know as guerilla tactics. He would hide in the swamp and then attack troops unexpectedly.

Another question comes in about what life was like for a soldier during the Revolutionary War. The answer is given that it was a very difficult time, for example, trudging through snow without shoes.

A visit is made to the History Place at the State Museum. 

The Civil War is discussed and a reenactment from Palmetto Special: The Hunley is provided. The model of the Hunley at the State Museum is discussed, and comparisons are made between the Hunley itself, the model and the painting. Differences between the model, the painting and the Hunley itself are discussed.


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