SC State House, Part 3 - Architect & Archaeologists | Project Discovery


Architect Joe Rogers discusses renovations needed to bring the South Carolina State House up to current building standards for the safety of occupants, work that was needed on the foundation, and protection that has been placed there to prevent damage from an earthquake, as well as a few other safety measures, such as fire protection. He also discusses the restoration reflecting the style of the 1900 period, including the historic paint colors. He mentions the audio and video system that were added and some changes in the way the space is used in the lobby that helped to restore the State House to its original beauty. Some features of this restoration include marble added to the walls, as originally intended in 1852-53, and the addition of an auditorium under the north steps for school groups to view a program on the history of the State House, or sessions being held live in the House or Senate.

Representatives from the S.C. Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology discuss the beautiful marble used and how it came to be there prior to the Burning of Columbia. Artifacts are displayed and discussed, including a large, square box lock made of iron that was original to the first State House in Columbia. There is evidence of the lock being burned, which confirms that the building was destroyed by fire. Pry bars, chisels, horseshoes, and railway spikes are shown, along with a small hammer used originally on the copper dome in perfect shape.