Ranger Fran Rametta | Congaree Swamp Stories



Owl Calls and Influences In Becoming a Ranger Involving a Love of Snakes, Featuring Stories of Snake Experts and Flying Squirrels, as well as How the Kingsnake Trail Got Its Name

Ranger Fran Rametta came from the bears of the Great Smoky Mountains to the big trees of the Congaree in 1980. In the absence of offices, telephones, computers and fax machines, Ranger Fran spent his time patrolling the wilderness of the Congaree by canoeing, and hiking through the forest. As an interpretive naturalist Ranger Fran created the trail system we all enjoy today, and began popular programs including Owl Prowls, Canoeing Congaree, The Weston Lake Wilderness Hike, and Tree Treks. He has spent countless hours with school children, many of whom enter the Harry Hampton Visitor Center as adults and ask about Ranger Fran, who gave them a tour in elementary school.