Ramon Guitard | Generations of Heroes


Iraq War

*** Please Note: This video contains detailed information about a soldier's experience with an IED. The soldier's description of these events is very disturbing and will not be appropriate for all audiences.***

*** Fifth-grade standards have been included for your reference, however, viewing by 5th-graders is not recommended. Teachers and parents, please use your own discretion. ***

Ramon Guitard relays very detailed information on his experience while serving in Iraq on October 9, 2004, when an IED exploded when hit by his vehicle. He lost some vision and his right leg in the explosion. He describes other details about the injuries he suffered and the recovery process. Interview by Chris Bonds from Richland Northeast High School, Columbia, SC.

Generations of Heroes was a project that offered South Carolina educators and students a chance to document the living memories of heroes and civilians who have served the United States from World War II to today’s soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.