About Generations of Heroes


About the Project

Generations of Heroes is a project that offers South Carolina educators and students a chance to document the living memories of heroes and civilians who have served the United States from World War II to today’s soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

SCETV’s Knowitall.org and the SC National Guard teamed up with Perry McLeod, a history teacher at Richland Northeast High School in Columbia, SC to develop the project. After two years of production and taping, Mr. McLeod’s students have produced over 30 interviews with veterans. The documentaries capture the experiences of veterans who have fought and continue to fight bravely and selflessly to save the world for future generations.

South Carolina ETV's Generations of Heroes was awarded a My Source Community Impact Award for Engagement from The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) for 2009.

How to Start Your Own Project

Generations of Heroes is a springboard to actually working just like a professional historian. To do so effectively requires finding veterans among family, friends, or organizations in the community. We’d like you to create your own documentaries! We have instructional materials to support digital storytelling on your own or in the classroom. Educators, find out how to recruit your students to work as historians and journalists to create a digital record of enormous value to future generations.

Be sure to download the video production guide.


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