The Personal Investment | Pygg E. Bank Economic$ - Episode 5


The friends of Economic Central want a new image, a new look, and a new attitude. Kayla K. and Zyler Z. are taking an invested interest in the way they look. Although they would like to have designer clothes, they realize
that they must stay within the budget they planned with their parents. Both friends understand that buying stuff that you can’t afford is just showing off. By comparing prices, you can find good quality and affordable prices that
make you confident in your appearance while at the same time staying within your budget. By avoiding peer pressure and being a smart buyer, you can learn a lot about good values.


Affordable – to have the financial means for; to be able to purchase.
Budget – a plan for spending and saving money based on a person’s goals during a given time period.
Cheap – relatively low in cost; lack of quality.
Expensive – involving a large expenditure; costly.
Inexpensive – not high in price.