Money Mania | Pygg E. Bank Economic$ - Episode 7


This program reviews key points of managing money by questioning Kayla K. and Zyler Z. in a game show format. Highlights of the game show examine the definitions of debt, economic literacy, entrepreneurship, and credit cards. The program looks at the difference between a checking account and savings account exploring how to save money. The key to financial success is applying the right answers to your life and your financial goals.


Checking Account – a bank account that issues checks to make purchases like cash.
Credit Card – a plastic card issued by a financial institution to the borrower to purchase items or receive cash
Debt – an obligation that you have to pay back what you owe to someone for borrowing from them.
Economic Literacy – the ability to read, write, understand, and discuss events that shape your economic
Entrepreneur – an individual who builds personal income from doing his or her own business.
Math –the fundamentals of counting numbers and measuring equations. The amount of money and quantity of
products are defined in numbers.
Savings Account – a bank account that is designed for people to save their money and gain interest.