The Money Plan | Pygg E. Bank Economic$ - Episode 3


Kayla K. and Zyler Z. share what their spending practices are such as purchasing video games and candy. What you purchase IS your investment. That’s why it’s important to make smart investments instead of just purchasing what you like. Unproductive investments do not improve our standard of living. The lesson presents what a positive investment can do for your business by promoting your product or service. Most of our purchasing power comes from personal income. Our employer provides most of our personal income by paying for the goods and services we produce. If income goes up, so does spending.


Balance – state of equilibrium.
Entrepreneur – someone who starts a business from scratch.
Innovative – to introduce something new.
Marketable – fit to be offered for sale.
Personal Income – any money a person receives.
Proprietor – owner.
Transfer Payments – receiving money without performing any service.