Myrtle Beach Main Panel, Part 2 - Paul T. Gayes | Sea Change - Episode 2


The next guest is Paul T. Gayes, Ph.D. Palmetto Professor of Marine Science and Geology Burroughs and Chapin Center for Marine and Wetland Services. Mr. Gayes discusses climate change from the scientific perspective, bringing the “global to the local”, the fundamental changes in sea level, and applied projects to combat climate change.  The two ways the scientific community understands climate change are with physics based models, and the behavioristic approach, which is closely monitoring current climate changes, and predicting the future that way, but has more margin for error. Gayes outlines the current coastal issues, each of which have significant economic effects: drainage and flooding, coastal erosion, energy issues, and potable water. He discusses active projects, and solutions to each of these issues. Gayes strongly recommends that we take politics out of looking at climate change, because climate change affects everyone, regardless of political affiliations. 

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