Mike Ethridge | Inside Storytelling


A storyteller since 1990, Mike Ethridge is a litigation attorney residing in Charleston, S.C.  His stories include ghost stories, folk tales, and personal anecdotes. He frequently includes music in his stories, playing the hammered dulcimer, bowed psaltery, mountain dulcimer, and recorder. 

Mike is the founder and executive director of Stories for Life, a nonprofit group dedicated to teaching children the art of storytelling. He is also the author of Owning Their Words, a storytelling-based language arts curriculum. His Stories for Life teaches children how to be storytellers by focusing on such skills as character development. This curriculum is currently being used in several South Carolina schools. 

He performs Blackberry Blossom, also known as Old Blackberry Blossom and Blackberry Winter. This song is a well-known traditional Keltic song and a Kentucky dance tune. in the United States, the song became popular prior to the Civil War. 


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