Kitty Wilson-Evans | Inside Storytelling


Kitty Wilson-Evans is a nationally acclaimed historic interpreter and storyteller. Her most famous slave reenactment is the character of Kessie, who is a fictionalized blend of Kitty’s reenactment travels and own research of slave life during the Colonial period.

Kitty is a full-time historic interpreter at Historic Brattonsville, located at McConnells, S.C. She blazed new trails at this historic site by being the first African American interpreter. Her characterization of Kessie inspired author M.C. Bechman to include her likeness in his nook, Colonial Spy. 

Kitty was born at Fort Benning, Georgia. The oldest of 14 siblings, she grew up in Columbus, Georgia. She is a retired kindergarten teacher. She is a skilled musician who resides in Lancaster, South Carolina.


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