Matthew Perry - Judge, Part 2 | Profile - Episode 102


Upon returning home to Columbia, Matthew Perry established the Jenkins and Perry Law Firm, and became the chief legal counsel for the S.C. NAACP, where he began the battle toward the desegregation of S.C. schools. Perry discusses the significance of court cases such as “Brown vs Board of Education,” and “Briggs vs Elliot.” For Perry, every court case in S.C. was a crusade for equal rights, and Perry’s monumental victories came in 1962, with court cases such as “Gantt vs Clemson College,” and “Monteith vs University of South Carolina.”  Opposition from individuals against desegregation clashed with the civil rights protests during the 1960’s.

Matthew Perry was also highly opposed to the death penalty, and was largely responsible for why S.C. has not had any executions since 1962.


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