G-Man: Life After FBI | Carolina Stories - Episode 7


Melvin Purvis smoothly moved on from the FBI, making endorsements for various everyday items, like safety razors, cars, and cereal. The Junior G-Man Club for children, and the Park Brothers’ Melvin Purvis “G-Men” board game. The FBI refused to vouch for Purvis when various companies showed interest in hiring Purvis in advising roles. Purvis would eventually find his way back to his home of Timmonsville, South Carolina, and would rekindle his love with an old girlfriend: Rosanne Wilcox. Purvis would eventually be endorsed for a federal judge position, but due to interference on behalf of J. Edgar Hoover, this never came to be.

In the outbreak of World War Two, Purvis enlisted in the Army, where he was commissioned as a captain. Purvis still feared interference from Hoover, but was able to have an outstanding military career. After leaving the Army, Purvis lived a comfortable life with his family in Timmonsville. Purvis was very popular with neighborhood children because of his impressive firearm collection, including the gun which killed John Dillinger. In his later life, Purvis still never understood the vendetta that J. Edgar Hoover had against him.