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Standard RI.LCS.8

RI.LCS.8 Interpret and analyze the author’s use of words, phrases, text features, conventions, and structures, and how their relationships shape meaning and tone in print and multimedia texts.

Grade(s): 1

Subject(s): English Language Arts

Year: 2015

Learning from Informational Texts
Learning from Informational Texts


The students will be able to ask themselves after reading a book, 'What have I learned about this topic? Am I smarter about the topic now?' They will also learn strategies to help them do this...

Gordon's Discovery | Auntie Karen's Place
Episode 6


Gordon is one of Auntie Karen's Jamaican Yams Character. When Gordon, a purple overweight Jamaican Yam discovers he is pre-diabetic, he gets some comforting advice from his friend Shelby. The purpose...