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Standard ELA.F.4:

ELA.F.4: Read and reread grade-appropriate texts with accuracy and expression at an appropriate rate to support comprehension

Grade(s): 4

Subject(s): English Language Arts

Year: 2023

Tyree's Trash | Creating with Mr. Dearybury


Artist Tyree Guyton changed his community forever by making art with trash. Viewers of this episode will be challenged to do the same in their neighborhoods by using items bound for the landfill to...
The Iridescence of Birds | Storytime with SCETV


The Iridescence of Birds: A Book About Henri Matisse Written By: Patricia MacLachlan Illustrated By: Hadley Hooper Read by: Shirley Mack Bell If you were a boy named Henri Matisse who lived in a...
The Day You Begin | Storytime with SCETV


The Day You Begin By Jacqueline Woodson Illustrated By Rafael López Read by Bre Wilson There will be times when you walk into a room and no one there is quite like you. There are many reasons to feel...
Ron's Big Mission | Storytime with SCETV


By: Rose Blue and Corinne Naden Illustrated By: Don Tate Read by: Alfred Turner, South Carolina Public Radio Nine-year-old Ron loves going to the Lake City Public Library to look through all the books...
P is for Palmetto | Storytime with SCETV


P is for Palmetto: A South Carolina Alphabet By: Carol Crane | Illustrations By: Mary Whyte Read by: Molly Spearman, SC Superintendent of Education P is for Palmetto is a collection of evocative pages...