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Standard 8-6.2

8-6.2 Explain the causes and effects of changes in South Carolina and the nation as a whole in the 1920s, including Prohibition, the destruction caused by the boll weevil, the rise of mass media, improvements in daily life, increases in tourism and rec...

Grade(s): 8

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2011

Highway 81 | From the Sky


There are over 41,000 miles of road in South Carolina. Like veins in a body’s circulatory system, they connect the busy cities and small towns to each other, each serving a vital role throughout our...
Field to Factory | Palmetto Special


This program is based on an oral history conducted by the New Jersey Multi-Ethnic Oral History Project. The subject is a black woman who moved with her family from South Carolina to New Jersey in the...
The Roaring Arts
The Roaring Arts


Students will research and analyze changes across the nation and in South Carolina during the 1920’s. They will then in small groups prepare exhibits for a “Roaring Arts Museum”. The museum will...

Agricultural Depression | Palmetto Special


The opening and closing wraparounds take place by an old abandoned tenant farm house in Pickens County near Clemson University. Here the host establishes the location and story line. The Reenactment...
Work at Mental Hospital | Idella Bodie's S.C. Women
Episode 110


Anne Austin Young, Part 10 ​ - Anne Young’s Work at the Mental Hospital Anne gains experience and insight in her time as a doctor at the state Mental Hospital. In a time period when women were...
Wil Lou Gray
Episode 5


Wil Lou Gray, Part 5 - Teaching Career Begins Wil Lou begins teaching at the rural school, though education was not considered a priority to many members of the community who were quite poor. Many...