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Standard 5.1.E

5.1.E Analyze multiple perspectives on the economic, political, and social effects of western expansion, the Industrial Revolution, and immigration through primary and secondary sources, and evaluate the subsequent changes to the U.S.

Grade(s): 5

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2019

The Trail of Tears | History In A Nutshell


Join our cartoon avatar host as he takes viewers through a brief expose on the events leading up to the forced removal of Native American tribes from the eastern United States. After the American...
Manifest Destiny Inquiry
Manifest Destiny Inquiry


Students will learn about manifest destiny and westward expansion through inquiry. They will then create a piece of art to represent manifest destiny using the famous painting "American Progress".

Mann-Simons House Photo Gallery | Let's Go!
Mann-Simons House Photo Gallery | Let's Go!


Mann-Simons Partial Family Tree Mann-Simons Family Portraits Case of Excavated Artifacts, Including A Rubber "Bouncy" Ball Photograph of John Lucius Simons, Sr.'s Sons: John Lucius Simons, Jr. (Left)...
Earth Day, Part 2 | Project Discovery
Episode 2


Project Discovery looks further at the Ccngaree Swamp and how it became a protected park with an excerpt from the documentary "Roots in the River". (Part 2)