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Standard 3.5.2.AG

3.5.2.AG Use maps and other geographic representations to identify exploration patterns throughout Earth history.

Grade(s): 3

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2019

Ancient Rome, Part I | History In A Nutshell
Episode 1


The introduction to Ancient Rome covers Rome's earliest days! Rome began as a monarchy, with its first king being Romulus, in 753 B.C. Rome would be ruled by seven kings, and with the deposition of...
Ancient Rome, Part II | History In A Nutshell
Episode 2


Rome faced numerous conflicts during the days of the Republic, including defending the Italian peninsula against the Gauls, and fighting three 'Punic Wars' against its rival neighbor, Carthage. Rome...
Ancient Rome, Part III | History In A Nutshell
Episode 3


Rome had transitioned from a republic, to imperial rule. The previous civil wars left Rome in ruins, but Augustus Caesar repaired Rome, and ushered in a two hundred year period of stability known as...
Gullah History | Gullah Net
Gullah History | Gullah Net


From West Africa During the late 1600s, English settlers in the new colonies needed more workers to farm thousands of acres of land on Sea Island plantations . Although some of the workers were Native...