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Standard 3-4.6

3-4.6 Summarize the positive and negative effects of Reconstruction in South Carolina, including the development of public education; the establishment of sharecropping; racial advancements and tensions; and the attempts to rebuild towns, factories, an...

Grade(s): 3

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2011

Agricultural Depression | Palmetto Special


The opening and closing wraparounds take place by an old abandoned tenant farm house in Pickens County near Clemson University. Here the host establishes the location and story line. The Reenactment...
Attending Seminary | Idella Bodie's S.C. Women
Episode 3


Mary McLeod Bethune, Part 3 - Attending Seminary Mary receives a scholarship to attend seminary in Concord, North Carolina. She receives her own room at the top of the stairs. She struggles at first...
Mary's Early Life | Idella Bodie's S.C. Women
Episode 1


Mary McLeod Bethune, Part 1 - Mary's Early Life The beginning of the Mary McLeod Bethune story. Mary was a sharecropper’s daughter, one of seventeen children, who from a young age had a desire and...
Opens Her First School | Idella Bodie's S.C. Women
Episode 4


Mary McLeod Bethune, Part 4 - Opens Her First School Unable to find a position as an African American, she returns to Maysville with her husband Albertus, a fellow teacher. They find a schoolhouse in...