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Standard 2-LS4-1.

2-LS4-1. Make observations of plants and animals to compare patterns of diversity within different habitats....

Grade(s): 2

Subject(s): Science

Year: 2021

Animal Shelter | KidsECON
Episode 4


Laila and her friends visit the animal shelter. They learn about different kinds of animals and the costs of caring for them. The KidsECON crew also learn how important it is to support shelters...
Bats Trivia Quiz - Teacher Resource | What's Wild
Bats Trivia Quiz - Teacher Resource | What's Wild


South Carolina is home to an astonishing array of bat species. As silent guardians of the night, they play a pivotal role in maintaining the balance of ecosystems and providing a natural pest control...
American Bison Trivia Quiz | What's Wild
American Bison Trivia Quiz | What's Wild


Existing for half a million years, bison have been a symbol of wild America. These resilient creatures were on the verge of extinction but despite all odds, they have survived. Although it may seem...
Ants | What's Wild


Ants are some of the most fascinating and complex insects in the world. These tiny creatures are known for their remarkable social behavior and their ability to build intricate underground colonies...
Gopher Tortoise | What's Wild


Getting their name from their burrowing behavior, gopher tortoises play a vital role as a keystone species in the sandhills ecosystem they call home. It’s here that we will see why these creatures...