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Standard 1.H.1

1.H.1 Identify similarities and differences between one’s community and other South Carolina communities over time.

Grade(s): 1

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2019

Episode 1


Colleton County was named in honor of Sir John Colleton, one of the eight English lords proprietors, who was granted land by King Charles II. The county’s marshes made the area ideal for rice farming...
Lesson 24
Episode 24


In Columbia, the state's capital city, we visit the the State House and three old homes, which are open to visitors. Also visited is the University of South Carolina, where old and new buildings blend...
Lesson 3
Episode 3


A trip to Greenville focuses on industries located in Greenville and Spartanburg, schools, and the Greenville Museum of Art. Next, a trip to Columbia, the state capital. The State House is shown. The...
Episode 1


Georgetown, South Carolina, at the head of Winyah Bay, dates back as early as 1526, when Spanish colonists attempted to settle in the area. Later, the British succeeded in colonizing the area, and...