G. South Carolina Towns & Cities | History of SC Slide Collection

Almost all of the images in this collection document a particular South Carolina place at a specific time in its history. This section, organized alphabetically is not intended, therefore, as a comprehensive list of every South Carolina community. It is actually a fairly impressionistic look at the county seats and rural villages, as well as the cities, in which South Carolinians live and work. For several towns and cities (Beaufort, Camden, Charleston, Columbia, Darlington, Georgetown, Greenville, Spartanburg, and Sumter), an effort has been made to select several images that show how that place has changed over time. Other places were chosen for special features that have made that town unique; still others have been chosen because they illustrate the features that many towns in the state have shared.


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Belton Water Tower | History Of SC Slide Collection
Belton Water Tower | History Of SC Slide Collection
Episode 1


Belton, in Anderson County, is noted for its unusual standpipe or water tower. Here, the standpipe can be seen in the background of the Belton Square, around 1909. The town, like many other South...