A. The Father of African American History

Schools and communities in the United States celebrate African American History Month every February. The formal study of African American history has origins in the work of Dr. Carter Woodson. Because of his books, journals and research he is known as the "Father of Black History." Dr. Woodson's creation of Negro History Week in 1926 evolved into Black History Month.  

Dr. Woodson was born in Virginia to freed slaves in 1875. His family was very poor and Carter had to work on a farm to help support them. The only time Carter could attend school was on days that it rained and farming was impossible.

In 1892, 17-year-old Carter moved to Huntington, West Virginia where he hoped to continue his education. In Huntington, he worked in a dangerous coal mine in order to save up money for high school. During this time, Carter taught himself the fundamentals of English and math. After entering high school at the age of 19, he graduated from the four year program in only two years.

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Journal of Negro History Volume I | Periscope
Journal of Negro History Volume I | Periscope


"Men of scholarship…must show us the right way and lead us into light, which is shining brighter and brighter." - Carter Woodson The association's goal was to study African American history, publish...