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Home to a wealth of folk traditions, South Carolina is culturally and geographically diverse.  From the Appalachian Mountains to the Sea Islands and from rural crossroads to urban centers, the state boasts rich sources of traditional culture and folklore. Rooted in family and community activities, folklife involves expressive forms of many kinds that are communicated verbally and by observation or imitation.  Folk artists can learn through apprenticeships, but most often are taught informally by family members or close friends. This sharing of information can occur in many different group settings - familial, occupational, religious, social, and educational. Folklife is dynamic by nature, a part of a community's history that continues to develop every day, with every generation.  

Digital Traditions was developed to provide access to the Folklife Resource Center (FRC) at McKissick Museum.  For thirty years, deeply rooted traditions like quilting, pottery, basketry, communal foodways, and folk music have been documented through audio, video, and photography. For further information about any of the artists featured on Digital Traditions, send your questions and comments to

Hwy 34 VFD Hash | Digital Traditions
Episode 1


Cecil Smith describes the responsibilities and schedule of the hash crews. Hashmaster Melvin Fouchee relates how he came to learn the recipe from Ike Berry.
Basket Design | Digital Traditions
Episode 2


Snype and Washington discuss the innovations in sweetgrass basket design and the progression through various basket types. Video is provided by McKissick Museum, University of South Carolina.