Carolina Snaps

From small towns to southern icons, learn about South Carolina with these 60 second videos.

From small towns to southern icons, each video is packed with education and celebration.

Carolina Snaps brings you South Carolina people, places, and notable events in history...all in a snap! 

Susan Pringle Frost | Carolina Snaps


Susan Pringle Frost, a Charleston native and suffragette, founded the Preservation Society of Charleston in 1920 to save the city's historic buildings after learning the Manigault House was to become...
The History of Rainbow Row | Carolina Snaps


Rainbow Row is a highly popular tourist attraction located in historic downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Although the buildings look bright and new, these houses date all the way back to the 1700’s...
The State House | Carolina Snaps


If the walls of the South Carolina State House could talk, they would reveal over a century of history. Located in the geographic center of South Carolina, this landmark is home to the Governor's...