Richard Furman's Recipe to Cure Dysentery | History of SC Slide Collection

Endemic disease in 19th century South Carolina, and the general primitiveness of medical knowledge, led to high death rates. Here is Richard Furman's recipe for pills to cure dysentery: "A Recipe for the cure of Dysentery obtained from the Rev. Dr. Furman. Take of Pulverized Rhubarb ad libitum and to every grain add one drop of Laudanum - Make them into Pills of the size of an English Pea, and while still damp roll in Pulverized Ipecacuanha that a portion may adhere to the outer surface of the Pill. Give Three or Four Pills to operate as an active purge + afterwards one Pill every one or two hours as circumstances may require." From the Baptist Historical Collection.

Courtesy of the Furman University Archives Special Collections Department.