Columbia Museum of Art Photo Gallery | Let's Go!

The Columbia Museum of Art is the cultural heart of a revitalized downtown Columbia. This museum boasts a wide variety of original and historic art pieces, from thousands of years ago, to present day.

Included in this photo gallery are the following:

  • Archangel Gabriel and Virgin Annunciate - Tuscan Sculptor Italian (Tuscan School, probably Florence or Pisa) 2nd half of the 14th century Polychromed wood
  • Black-Figured Lekythos - Anonymous Greek Archaic Period Athens Terracotta
  • Buddha Head - Chinese, Tang Dynasty
  • Buffalo Hunt - Charles Christian Heinrich Nahl (American (b. Germany), 1818-1878) Oil on canvas
  • Charger with Cupid - William De Morgan English, 1839-1917 painted and luster-glazed earthenware
  • David Holding Goliath's Head - Guido Cagnacci (Italian (Bolognese, 1601-1663) Oil on canvas
  • David The Vanquisher - Marius-Jean-Antonin Mercié French, 1845-1916 Bronze with dark brown patina 
  • Diana The Huntress - Jean-Alexandre-Joseph Falguière (French, 1831-1900) Bronze, marble 
  • Diana (The Hunt) - Harriet Whitney Frishmuth, with Karl Illava  American, 1880-1980 Bronze, slate base  
  • Eos - Mary Evelyn Pickering De Morgan (British, 1855 – 1919) Oil on canvas
  • General George Washington - Charles Willson Peale (American, 1741-1827) Oil on canvas
  • Head of a Man - 3rd century A.D. Roman Late Imperial Portrait  Limestone
  • Bust of Jupiter Optimus Maximus Capitolinus - Anonymous  (Roman (head) with later Italian bust) c. 2nd century with c. 18th century editions  Marble    
  • Philip IV, King of Spain - Juan de Pareja Spanish, 1606-1670 Oil on canvas 
  • Lokapala - Chinese; Tang Dynasty (618-907) 7th-10th century  Ceramic
  • Bust of Martin Luther King, Jr - Charles Alston  American, 1907-1977 Bronze 
  • The Nativity - Sandro Botticelli (called)  (Alessandro Filipepi) Italian (Florentine), 1444/1445-1510 Fresco transferred to canvas 
  • Pompeia Plotina, Wife of Emperor Trajan - Harriet Goodhue Hosmer American, 1830-1908 Marble
  • Portrait Bust - Anonymous (Roman) c. 68-81 A.D. Marble 
  • Portrait Head of a Woman (Probably Anna Cornifica Faustina) - c. 138-190 A.D. Anonymous (Roman) (Antonine)  Marble 

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