1918 Flu Pandemic - Photo Gallery | History in a Nutshell

View photos about the 1918 Pandemic in abroad, here in the states and South Carolina: 

  • Influenza Quarantine Sign
  • Transcontinental Railroads Map
  • H1N1 Flu Virus As Seen Through A Microscope
  • Workers In A Textile Mill
  • Workers In A Textile Mill 2
  • Policemen In Seattle Wearing Gauze Masks
  • The Seattle Daily Times - Mandatory Shutdowns
  • Nurses Awaiting Arrival of Patients
  • Nurse Wearing Gauze Mask And Treating A Patient
  • Emergency Hospital During Influenza Pandemic, in Camp Funston, Kansas, where the Pandemic first appeared in the U.S.
  • List of Influenza Cases And Deaths By County, October, 1918. (State Board Of Health Annual Report)
  • List Of Influenza Cases And Deaths by County, November And December, 1918 (State Board Of Health Annual Report)
  • Letter from American Red Cross to S.C. Governor Richard R. Manning, III. Due to a temporary wartime prohibition, the American Red Cross was one of the few entities allowed to dispense alcohol, to help combat the Pandemic.
  • Postcard - Soldiers At Camp Jackson Receiving Flu Treatments (Courtesy of South Caroliniana Library)
  • 5 Photos From the 1918 State Board Of Health Annual Report
  • Jonas Salk and Thomas Francis - The scientists who developed the first flu vaccine in 1938.