Estuary | RiverVenture

RiverVenture needs your help!

Riverventure Headquarters has heard reports of problems in the estuary. A sign warns people not to collect or eat shellfish such as oysters and clams. People are testing the water for strange reaons...

  • Find out why the shellfish bed in this area has been closed.
  • What are other potential problems for the estuary?
  • Gather clues and file a River Wrap Report when you're ready!

The panorama is full of objects, some obvious and others hidden. Scroll over the landscape and see how many you can find!

For Educators

Students engage in a scientific mystery that they solve by exploring interactive panoramic images of Charleston, SC and picking up clues along the way. This module focuses on the estuary, the point where fresh water meets salt water, and problems that pollution causes for creatures in this environment. After students learn about runoff, building booms, point source pollutants, and the dilution solution they are asked 10 quiz questions to solve the mystery in the River Wrap.