Rudy Mancke Collection

Rudy Mancke, who passed away on Nov. 7 at the age of 78, became a beloved figure in South Carolina and beyond through his groundbreaking work as the host of the nationally distributed television show NatureScene and SC Public Radio’s NatureNotes. NatureScene, co-created with Beryl Dakers premiered in 1978 and continued for an impressive 25 years, gaining national recognition for its simple and innovative approach to exploring the natural world.

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Earth Day, Part 5 | Project Discovery
Episode 5


Rudy Mancke and a park ranger answer questions about the Congaree National Park from students during the original broadcast of the Project Discovery Earth Day special. (Part 5)
Snakes, Snakes, Snakes | Project Discovery Revisited


When the Museum of York County had a special exhibit on snakes, the Project Discovery crew visited the exhibit with naturalist Rudy Mancke of PBS’s NatureScene. There are many myths about snakes, most...