The Folklife Resource Center considers the dissemination and promotion of traditional music a major aspect of our mission. South Carolina is home to a rich musical heritage, boasting a wide variety of music from the Sea Islands on the coast to the rolling hills of the Appalachian Mountains. Music is a vibrant part of South Carolina life and represents social, religious, occupational, and family bonds. This music series was launched from an exhibit developed in 2003 - “Considerable Grace: Fifteen Years of Folk Heritage Awards.” What began as a companion piece to a temporary exhibition has grown into a regular, self-sustaining series, with subsequent volumes planned for future release. Initially funded by South Carolina Humanities.

Greasy Greens - Musicians include Freddie Vanderford (lead vocals & harmonica), Brandon Turner (guitars, banjo, snare drum, bongos, and acoustic bass), Matthew Knights Williams (acoustic guitar), Don McGraw (electric bass), Fayssoux McLean (backing vocals), TJ Jeter (kick drum & hammers), David Ezell (acoustic guitar), Wes Wyatt (acoustic guitar).

New Legacy Duo: Piedmont Blues - PRODUCED BY Gene Taylor and Freddie Vanderford, DigiPro Media. 1999. 14 tracks.

Will Goins dedicated his life to preserving Native American music traditions, beadwork, and storytelling. His artistic inclinations were passed down by family members, matriarchs, and those who continued the traditions in his large extended family. The son of Cherokee artist Elsie Taylor Goins, Goins traced his musical heritage back to the ancient chants of the indigenous cultures of the Southeast. As a teenager, Goins taught younger children a wide variety of Cherokee art forms. His young students made rattles and worked with many natural materials including shells, seeds, beads, and clay.

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