Colleton County lies in South Carolina’s Lowcountry and Walterboro serves as its county seat. Sir John Colleton, Colleton County’s namesake, was one of the Lord’s Proprietors.

When the county was first founded in 1682, most residents continued to refer to the area by the names of the parishes within the county rather than by the county name itself. In 1769, these parishes were added to the Charleston District before becoming Colleton District in 1800.

 The county played an important role in United States Revolutionary War history. Not only did the county serve as the setting of several small Revolutionary War battles, the town of Jacksonboro also served as the meeting place of South Carolina’s government during British occupation of Charleston. Rice and cotton plantations became common in the county during this time. However, most of these plantations have been transformed into nature and hunting preserves.

Colleton County | South Carolina Public Radio
Colleton County | South Carolina Public Radio


"C" is for Colleton County (1,056 square miles; 2010 population 38, 909). Colleton County was one of three original counties organized in Carolina in 1682. Lying south and west of Charleston between...