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Debt Eliminators | Pygg E. Bank Economic$
Episode 1


Alisa Boykin introduces the topic of the lesson, debt elimination. By defining credit, Alisa discusses the difference between good and bad credit or debt with the Economic Central characters. By...
Managing Money | Making Dollars from Sense
Episode 2


How does one manage the income he or she earns? Meet Abbie Bowman, one of South Carolina’s young entrepreneurs. Abbie is the owner of her own business: A and E Crafts. Learn how Abbie manages her...
Money | Growing Up with Smart Cat
Episode 10


Have you ever gotten an allowance or been given some money for your birthday? What did you do with your money? Did you buy that toy you always wanted? Did you take a trip? I love to explore new places...
Engaging Economics
Engaging Economics


Students will learn about economic concepts by living real-world situations.