Guerard, Benjamin | South Carolina Public Radio


"G" is for Guerard, Benjamin (d. 1788). Governor. Guerard studied law in England and was admitted to the South Carolina bar in 1761. He served in the Commons House, but spent most of his time dealing with litigation concerning the estates of father and his in-laws. During the Revolution, he served in the militia and lent the state £20,000. After the fall of Charleston Guerard was held captive on the prison ship Pack Horse. Between 1779 and 1786 he represented St. Helena’s Parish in both the House and Senate. In 1783 he was elected governor by the General Assembly. He led the move to incorporate the city of Charleston. As Governor Benjamin Guerard pledged to lead South Carolina “from the Calamities of the uncommonly cruel War” into the Return of the Blessings of Peace.”