Greene, Nathanael | South Carolina Public Radio


“G” is for Greene, Nathanael [1742-1786]. Soldier. Early in the Revolution, Rhode Islander Nathanael Greene became close to George Washington and served on his staff. After the battle of Camden, Washington personally selected him to command the south rn army. Taking command in December 1780, he devised a strategy that led to the victory at Cowpens and caused Cornwallis to chase him to the Dan River. At Guilford Court House, Greene’s forces badly damaged the British who limped off to Virginia. Returning to South Carolina, he developed a strategy using his army and partisan raiders to capture isolated outposts one by one. During 1781, he forced the British into a small perimeter around Charleston. Simultaneously, Nathanael Greene aided in the restoration of civil government by protecting legislative meetings and restoring order in the interior in South Carolina.