William Jennings Bryan Dorn - Congressman, Part 1 | Profile - Episode 101


Congressman William Jennings Bryan Dorn returns to his home in Greenwood, South Carolina, to run for governor. While his name is not an everyday, household name, W.J. Bryan Dorn left an indelible mark on the people of South Carolina. W.J. Bryan Dorn fits the description of the typical Southern lawmaker of the past, but there is more to him than that. By the 1970’s, Dorn had sheared away the white suit, and had transformed himself into a progressive democrat. Dorn was the youngest person elected to South Carolina’s House of Representatives in 1938. Former colleagues of Dorn’s recall working with him. Several key South Carolina features, such as route I-77, the medical school of the University of South Carolina, and Williams Brice Stadium, would not exist if it wasn’t for Dorn’s efforts.

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