Vanishing Generation, Part 7 - Okinawa - Episode 7


Tee Senn, cryptologist, speaks of the tank battles, about the reality, not TV, and seeing a tank explode. "...For wake gets to's something that you don't ever want to have happen again...but we do...I'm anti-war."

John Hammond Moore, LSM-R 193, recalls that on May 11, 1945, "the was their last big blast of kamakazes...on that day, they threw everything they had left at all the positions, including us...I saw this plane...completely out of in the distance...a group of ships, two destroyers...our ship, and then two smaller the unit...we were about 50 miles off northwest of Okinawa... according to that citation, we were attacked by 156 of the destroyers set a record for the war....shot down 23 planes in 23 minutes." He continues, "...they abandoned ship, which they shouldn't have done...we went alongside and took the wounded and eventually towed the ship into the harbor." He continues the story about a friend from the Boston area who seemed to make Moore responsible for what was going on. 


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