Sumter Project - Sanctuary | A Natural State - Episode 4


From across the room, Sanctuary appears domestic and familiar—a collection of chairs, a birdhouse, a rug and display shelf invite momentary retreat from the gallery. Closer inspection reveals the chairs are partially constructed of Wisteria vines, moss and feathers. A warm glow from a box on the shelf illuminates three floating wishbones. The interior lining of the box is textured like a birch tree shedding its scaly skin. The rug is worn with a history of a hundred thousand footsteps but remains soft underfoot. A bird has built a nest within the birdhouse. The scene is alive, organic and has a history...

Wim Roefs, art historian and the curator of "South Carolina Birds: A Fine Arts Exhibition," selected Janet as an installation artist based on her ability to use "familiar objects in an unfamiliar way." In the following video, Wim explains why Janet’s work was ideal for a show tied to the visual and conceptual idea of birds.

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