Found Object Art | A Natural State - Episode 3


Janet’s work involves the concept of "found object art". Found objects are things originally designed for a function or use outside of assemblage or other sculptural forms. Found objects include natural and man-made items. Janet collects objects that appeal to her aesthetic sense, often textural things that evoke a strong sense of touch.

Natural found objects may include bone, leather, bird and wasp nests, chestnuts, moss, vines, wood, feathers, rocks and minerals, clay, dried insects and insect exoskeletons.

Man-made found objects include parts of vanity cases, medicine cabinets, mirrors, hand tools, shoes, glass bottles, guitars and chairs. Janet prefers to use metal, cloth, wood, stone and glass elements over plastics and synthetics.

Janet combines natural and man-made found objects in her sculptures, a process called assemblage. Assemblage is three-dimensional artwork that uses found object materials.

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