Quince Duncan - "El Padrino" - Author | Afro Latino Travels with Kim Haas - Episode 1


EXPIRES: 9/11/2026

In this episode of Afro Latino Travels, host Kim Haas travels to San Jose, Costa Rica: a city featuring history-making political families, a vibrant art scene, and up-and-coming athletes. Costa Rica is a small Central American country sandwiched between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. San Jose is a colorful, energetic mixing of descendants of African, Indigenous, and Spanish people who have blended together to create a vibrant Creole culture.

In this segment, Kim Haas meets with Quince Duncan, also known as “El Padrino” – the Godfather of Costa Rican literature. Duncan has written about the experiences of Indigenous people, immigrants, and African descendants for more than fifty years.