Pirates of the Carolinas - Lost Shipwrecks - Episode 8


On November day in 1996, divers representing the private research group Intersal Inc. were concluding the first stage of their search of 18th-century shipwrecks in Beaufort Inlet, North Carolina. Formally known as Topsaile Inlet, this was the body of water where, in 1718, Blackbeard's flagship, the "Queen Anne's Revenge," was known to have been lost.

The "Queen Anne's Revenge" was unusual for a pirate ship. The typical pirate ship was a sloop. They were small; they were fast. The "Queen Anne's Revenge" was a much larger ship. Whereas a normal pirate sloop might have carried 12 cannons, the "Queen Anne's Revenge" was armed with 40. It was almost like a warship.

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