Homecoming: Leo Twiggs | Art of Jonathan Green and Leo Twiggs | Carolina Stories - Episode 4


Jonathan Green is an academically trained painter, meaning he was trained in art schools to paint in the Western European techniques and subjects. Leo Twiggs is also an academically trained artist, having received a Masters Degree at New York University, but prefers an art form that is of African and Asian origins.  He uses this technique called "batik" (creating images on cloth using dyes and a wax resist), and also uses "found" objects to create images and stories. These are perhaps not as directly figurative as Jonathan Green's paintings,  but give a feeling, as well as tell a story, in a very effective and personal way.

What others say about Twiggs in this video include:

"He's more than a batik artist, but is a painter with dyes."

"Dr. Leo Franklin Twiggs' strength as a painter comes from who he is and that he's telling us a story of memory and the South and family and relationships and history,  what it means to him as a man who grew up through the '40s and '50s in a segregated South, and how he has a sense of who he is and how he fits into the context of that tradition."

Twiggs states, "I think as an artist ...you search for...how could you say what you have to say and get it across using the minimum amount of whatever you use to do it?"