Evelyn Wright | S.C. Hall of Fame


Elizabeth Evelyn Wright was born April 3, 1872 in Talbotton, Georgia. While being educated, she learned about Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute and Booker T. Washington. In 1888, Wright enrolled at Tuskegee and Principal Washington became her mentor. At Tuskegee, Wright saw a vision of what she could do for her people and became determine to establish a school where black boys and girls could be educated in industrial and agricultural work. After graduating in 1894, Wright carried her vision into McNeill's, Hampton County, South Carolina.

In Wright's labors to accomplish her dreams, arsonist burned her schools down three consecutive times. Not giving up, Wright made attempts at five different locations before her dreams could be nurtured into reality. In 1897, Wright settled in Denmark and began planting the seeds of her dreams and visions that she was for so long seeking. Elizabeth Evelyn Wright died at the early age of 34 years old on December 14, 1906.