Education of Harvey Gantt: Life At Clemson And Legacy | Carolina Stories - Episode 3


Leaders at Clemson University, and some state legislators attempted to resist the result of the case, but all efforts to overturn the decision were denied. Senator Marion Gressette called for peaceful acceptance of the decision to enroll Harvey Gantt. Round-the-clock police protection was assigned to Clemson College, in anticipation of Harvey Gantt’s arrival, since violent protests in light of desegregation were common-place in the South. Thankfully, this significant event for Clemson College went without incident.

Harvey would face few problems at Clemson College, and he would have support from a community that he did not know existed.

The following semester, in fall of 1963, Clemson admitted its first female African-American student: Lucinda Brawley. Harvey Gantt would act as a big brother figure for Lucinda, and eventually, they got married.

Harvey graduated with honors from Clemson College in 1965, and his legacy paved the way for equality in South Carolina public schools. 


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